Serenity Acres Farm

 Living with Nature in a peaceful, non-intrusive manner.

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Barbara Swierszcz; Herd Master

 Our Farm

Serenity Acres Farm was founded in 2004 as a result of a dream of Barbara Swierszcz.

The concept of the farm was to create a peaceful place for man and animal to co-exist.

Nestled in the Olde English District of up state South Carolina, we welcome you to come visit

and tour our farm and learn about our business.

Experience the peaceful sound of the Alpacas as they graze, watch the playful doelings as they 

frolic in the sun, or eavesdrop on the chickens as they talk quietly amongst themselves.

Accorrdingly named, our farm allows us:

   be present with nature in a peaceful, non-intrusive manner.


              A Snowy Morning over the pasture.

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